Archives for April 22, 2006

ACEP, other lessons learned

It’s over, and having fun in Vegas trumped blogging. So, now that we’re home safe and sound, here’s some other things I learned / reinforced while there:

  • we’re state-of-the-art with our procedural sedation where I work. Good news.
  • for crashing patients, get the sono to the bedside, and think about dissection as a cause early
  • trendelenberg position doesn’t improve BP, and should be abandoned unless trying to start a central line
  • shock for fib, then do CPR without checking for ROSC for 2 minutes (big change)
  • GERD flare-ups and cardiac ischemia are often linked! (Weird but true)
  • soon, the 64 detector CT will do away with diagnostic caths (but not yet)
  • morphine is not helpful for decompensated CHF (dCHF); no appreciable venodilation
  • morphine is, however, a significant risk factor for needing to intubate in dCHF (5x)
  • BiPap and Cpap are equivalent for dCHF, and getting them started early is the key
  • Brugada syndrome is more prevalent than previously thought: look for it in your syncopal patients
  • add colchicine to aspirin for your pericarditis patients
  • things to avoid in pericarditis: indocin and steroids

A fun time was had by all, and it was a good, if sparsely-attended conference with very good speakers.

Now to start incorporating this into my practice…