ASA March 2006 Newsletter – Military Medicine

via MedGadget (who I don’t link to nearly enough):

ASA March 2006 Newsletter: “March 2006
As warfare changes, so too must the care provided to injured soldiers. And at no time in history has military medical care been so advanced and so effective. This NEWSLETTER is devoted to the stories of those who have integrated educational advances into the combat care of our troops overseas.”

A series of articles about anesthesia care in combat environments. Excellent not just for the information, but also the insight to their practice environments.


  1. “The Comfort is capable of providing 1,000 hospital beds to include 80 intensive care unit beds and 50 beds in the casualty receiving area.”

    80 ICU beds on a ship… now that’s impressive. I bet they have rules about turning the O2 off when you’re not using it! Amazing stuff.

  2. It’s a crying shame they don’t use a drop of that medical knowlege and equipment to ‘fix’ those military members who are indefinately sidelined by chronic health issues. The number of those who are limping around with easily remidied issues is amazing.