I’ve been getting a lot of hits for a search phrase, and I’m not proud of it.

I’m getting a lot of searches for "Bird Flu Symptoms", which brings up this post.  It’d be one thing if this were a useful piece of medical advice, but it’s a joke.  A modestly funny one, but a joke nonetheless.

Crud.  People find my blog looking for answers and they get a corny joke.  Joke’s on me. 


  1. Grunt Doc … it’s a good joke … so cut yourself a bit of slack!

    I can think of a few words you could put on your blog that would deliver a ton of hits … but they may be even more of an embarrassment … >;o)

  2. Do not put the name of the gold-medal winning skater at the 1976 Olympics unless you want at least five to ten hits a day for a haircut.

    Trust me.

  3. Gruntdoc – It is a good joke. But it does bring up the question: are you sure you want to know how many/who/why people are hitting your site? Might be one of those questions better left unasked.