Just working shifts

That’s why there’s nothing going on here.

 I had yesterday off, and actually took it off.  I don’t think I did anything.

 It was nice.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    That’s EXACTLY what days off are for!

  2. James R. Brown says:

    I fail to see what chopped meat you consider nothing in regards to any day off! I and my partner are a bit more than nothing. I hope that in the future when you lose at pool, dominoes, and Horseracing, that you remember who was nothing. See you at the pool.

    Jim and BK

  3. Anonymous says:

    The birthday (breakfast) dinner was a fun event!

  4. Jim,
    for the record, you were soundly thrashed at all but the horseracing, which I admit I might have slept through. Details are fuzzy.

    Thanks for coming, and you’ll have plenty of time for a rematch.