Today’s ride

Today’s ride: 48.6 miles.

Started down the Benbrook lake road, after that loop along the Trinity Trail to downtown, then home again.

I now feel like overcooked pasta, just one limp noodle. 

I’m trying to get ready for the MS150, a two day, 150 mile ride (not a race, thank goodness) to raise money (and awareness) for Multiple Sclerosis research.  I’ve been allowed to join a good team, and hope I can finish without embarrassing myself. 

GruntDoc: doing the exercise Americans won’t do.



  1. Autolycos says:

    Bully for you, Gruntdoc.

    As a bicycle-commuter, I hear a lot of good intentions from people about need for exercise, but I seldom see any effort put forward by people. It’s good to know that you are one who is going out and getting it done.

    SSG Autolycos

  2. GruntDoc: doing the exercise Americans won’t do.

    Gee thanks Grunt Doc! Your generous hard work means I can sit an extra hour or two today, eh? >;o)

  3. Hey Grunt Doc!
    As a regular reader of your blog and a person with MS….THANK YOU!

  4. After an emergent surgery for a ruptured diverticulum, a colostomy, a reversal, and now, just two weeks ago, a second incissional hernia repair, I’m back on the road. When 33 miles with the B riders with whom I always ride. If I can moptive myself, sure many others can as well. Some day you will learn — as I did in September — that being fit can save your life when illness strikes.

  5. And we sedentary Americans appreciate it!