What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas

…unless you blog it.

 Tonight I got to Las Vegas for the ACEP Spring convention starting early this morning.  I walked the place a bit with my spouse, who has accompanied me on this trip.  We didn’t go very far (or far enough), and had some expensive food for dinner.

On the way back to the hotel we had an interesting interaction: a fellow who was clearly under the influence of a lot of stimulant drugs and was acting bizarrely and aggressively.  We were followed for a ways, and it was unsettling.  (I was thinking what I’d tranquilize him with in my ED, which was odd).

Anyway, we’re back in our hotel, and I’m looking forward to a good convention.  My wife has a ‘gambling allowance’ and is looking forward to using it.

More as it happens… 


  1. Enjoy! Hey, maybe the ‘gambling allowance’ will turn into a ‘retirement fund’…

  2. Vegas, eh? I was there a couple weeks ago. Strange place. Like a whole different country. I’ve found I have to just close my mind to certain aspects of the place or I just get depressed. Other aspects are downright entertaining. Have fun!

  3. I remember walking the streets of downtown baltimore with my fellow residents and playing the “Guess what that guy’s on?” game. Granted, at the time the drugs of choice were limited to booze, heroin, and cocaine, so the challange wasn’t too great.

    I also spent a fair amount of time anticipating which joint lock I would use to take him/her down, should we be unexpectedly assaulted. . .