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CPOE Return on Investment

In the email today comes an abstract from "J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2006;13:261-266", entitled "Return on Investment for a Computerized Physician Order Entry System".  I’m going to put the whole thing in the extended entry, but here’s the Results section, and I wonder if you see the same thing I did:

 Results: Between 1993 and 2002, the BWH spent $11.8 million to develop, implement, and operate CPOE. Over ten years, the system saved BWH $28.5 million for cumulative net savings of $16.7 million and net operating budget savings of $9.5 million given the institutional 80% prospective reimbursement rate. The CPOE system elements that resulted in the greatest cumulative savings were renal dosing guidance, nursing time utilization, specific drug guidance, and adverse drug event prevention. The CPOE system at BWH has resulted in substantial savings, including operating budget savings, to the institution over ten years.

Answers are invited in the comments. 

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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:32

It’s that time!


Lo! There Shall Come A Grand Rounds!

It’s been a little over a year since I first hosted Grand Rounds, and I am amazed by the amount it’s grown in that time. Not only in the sheer number of submissions (nearly three times as many as last time), but in the range of subjects — not to mention the variety of the writers themselves, from physicians to nurses to EMTs to professors to research scientists to patients to economists and on and on. Grand Rounds: it’s always a pleasure! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to … me!

Today is the Fourth anniversary of GruntDoc!
Starting May 2, 2002 and continuing, irregularly, to this point has been a lot of entertainment for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, here’s some looks at the design through the last four years (anyone know why it’s not archiving this year?)

May, 2002. Blogger, the original post-eating machine. And, I thank Blogger for getting me started.

October, 2002. I discovered the italics HTML, and moved to the country, necessitating the Direcway satellite connection.

February, 2003. Jumpline hosts my first MovableType blog. Much more readable, gotta love the black text on a white background for readability.

November, 2003. The dread Red Cross appears, (I’m not the Red Cross, in case you were wondering). Oh, and I’m no longer having delusions, I’m just reporting the Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Emergency Physician in Texas.

Several blog moves ensue, and neither I nor the Wayback Machine have copies of the front pages, but essentially they look like the above logo.

And, for my first seasonal, Christmas 2005:

Merry Christmas!

Lastly, for the archives, here’s the one on Year Four:

Thanks for the visits, and most for the comments. Here’s to another year.