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DB’s MedRants in the ACP Observer

via Kevin, MD: ACP Observer, May 2006 – Internist stirs passions, debates with a medical blog

Internist stirs passions, debates with a medical blog One internist’s blog helps him connect with a farflung virtual community—and giveD free rein to his inner ‘rant’

From the May ACP Observer, copyright  2006 by the American College of Physicians.
By Janet Colwell

To colleagues at the University of Alabama facilities in Huntsville and Birmingham, Robert M. Centor, FACP, is a respected academician and administrator, serving as associate dean of the Huntsville regional medical campus, director of general internal medicine in Birmingham and attending at the Birmingham VA Hospital.

But to hundreds of Web surfers, Dr. Centor is the "DB" of "DB’s Medical Rants," a Web log—or blog—he created in 2002 to broadcast his views on health care and medicine far beyond traditional academia.

And, I’d add my congrats to Kevin’s!