Archives for May 9, 2006

This week’s reason to dislike the AMA

The Blog That Ate Manhattan: AMA – The American Marketing Association?

Astounding the degree to which the AMA will go to sell out doctors.

(I found this via Grand Rounds: a good post in a blog I don’t read often. Go read Grand Rounds!)

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:33

Aetiology: Grand Rounds n.2 v.33

Welcome to Grand Rounds at Aetiology! Grab a cup of joe, take a seat, and enjoy the best of this week’s medical blogging. Just make sure to wash your hands when you’re done…you never know what’s lying around here, between the kids, the dog, and the lab…

This is another excellent Grand Rounds, and the number of posts is astounding. This should keep you busy all week.

I get mail!

Okay, I (occasionally) get unhappy emails from people other than unemployed plaintiffs’ attorneys, but this one was my first full bore, barely coherent hate mail, ever (verbatim):

There are real people out here and you son of a bitch play with your jokes and supposed wit and generally filled with shit garbage out of that pea brain of yours. Go find your own personal hell and stay there- forever! 

I am at a loss to explain this, frankly.  Were I heavily engaged in political debate I’d expect this sort of invective from some mouth-breathing moron, but I don’t get it.  I’ve looked over my last several posts, and none are of the "you should die, screaming" offensive variety.  Weird.

Anyway, my supposed wit is undamaged by this assault and my pea brain is already thinking up new jokes.  I just hope the correspondent gets back on their meds, and I get lost from their address book.