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Humble student infected with rabies

via the Houston Chronicle: | Humble student infected with rabies

May 10, 2006, 1:04PM
Humble student infected with rabies after apparent bat bite

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An Humble High School sophomore infected with rabies is fighting for his life as federal and county disease investigators try to determine how many of the student’s classmates may need preventive treatment, a school official said today.

The student may have been exposed to a bat approximately four weeks ago one afternoon while asleep in his bedroom, said Humble ISD executive director for public information Karen Collier. Reportedly, a neighbor saw the bat hovering above the victims face, caught it with a towel and threw the bat back out of the open window.

The student began showing symptoms Thursday and was admitted to Texas Children’s Hospital, Collier said….

The article has links to the CDC’s Rabies info page, as well as a link to an article about the Milwaukee survivor last year. Really, the Chronicle did a nice job with the reporting and the other links: it’s an excellent example of how to integrate the dead-tree publication with the online presence. Excellent.

Humble, Texas map.

A four-week incubation period seems really short, indicating that the victim was probably infected near the head. (Rabies travels up nerves to the brain, which is when the symptoms start; get bitten on the ankle it takes longer for the virus to make the trip than if bitten on the face).

My prayers to this young man and his family.

Update: CDC’s Health Alert Network email in the extended entry –

Final update: He died. More prayers for all affected.
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