Archives for May 29, 2006

Wanted: People who can identify and then solve their own problems

Recently, I seem to be approached by more and more people with what amounts to "I have this problem, and I want you to fix it".  This is usually medically related (IV access, meds), but is often just personality-conflict in action, or occasionally plain sloth.

 Yes, you have identified a problem: Congratulations!  However, that skill is not terribly unique.  You want to be unique with your quiz?  When you find a problem, come up with a solution!  It doesn’t have to perfect, but should be plausible ("We’ll give them a million and a new identity" would be a good soultion for many folks, but isn’t really tenable).

I know my job exists essentially to solve the problems of others, but that doesn’t mean I want to solve every problem that can occur.  (I don’t know about validating parking, and, truthfully, I could care less)(I’m sorry your patient is unpleasant, but as there is no pleasant-pill, and if there was I couldn’t force them to take it, you need to get over it).  Yes, I’m pretty good at what I do, but I’m not indispensible, and would like for You to show me how good a problem-solver you are.

Stumped?  Bring me the question.  I may not have any ideas, but I’ll try.  However, I’ll bet with just about 15 seconds of cogitation you could come up with several ideas that would solve the current problem, make you look a little smarter, and frankly expand your problem-solving horizon, ultimately making you a better caregiver.  Occasionally, the question won’t even be necessary!

 So, think: then ask.  I’ll be glad to answer.  If needed.