Archives for May 31, 2006

Vacation, and a Guest Host Introduction

I’m taking a vacation.  A real one.  I’m not taking a computer, won’t be checking my email, etc.

Now, just because I’m relaxing in the sun doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned you, gentle reader.  Three Emergency Medicine colleagues have volunteered to occasionally post here, to keep the place interesting.  No restrictions have been placed on their posts, so this could be fun.

The pinch-hitters, in no particular order:

    Symtym, a BC EM doc in California.

    Blogborygmi (Nick Genes), by an EM resident in New York City. 

    Dr. Mark Plaster of EP Monthly, the only one who’s not a ‘blogger’ but is a terrific writer.


I thank them for stepping into the void, and hope this works for all of us.  See you in a week! 

Homeowner tales

I did a home improvement project the other day.  It required three different materials, in different quantities.

And, I didn’t have to go to Lowe’s once.  That felt very odd.  I’m used to having to go at least once to get supplies, but I had enough leftovers that a trip for more was unnecessary.

It did make the project go very quickly, which was nice.  But I’ve resolved to go to Lowes today, to restore balance and order to the panet.