Bloodletting, MD

Today one of the more interesting medical bloggers graduates from medical school in Houston. He blogs as Doc Russia, he’s an enthusiastic blogger and he’s going into Emergency Medicine.

We have a sorta-bond beyond those similarities: he was a Marine grunt who served his country well, then decided to go to school. He’s done well.

(Amusingly, we were first introduced by email: his home computer was fortunately named his last name, which name is more than a little unusual, and I was getting roughly 50 virus-laden emails with spoofed medblogger addresses from a account per day. Completely shooting in the dark I did a google for EM and his last name, and guess who’s the president of the Houston Med Student interest section? A polite email was sent, and 12 hours later the onslaught stopped. He emailed a few days later and took responsibility: someone had clicked on the "Anna" screensaver, and that was that: zombie box.)

We’ve been emailing, keep intending to get together someday, and no doubt we will.

Congratulations to you, Doc Russia! I’m sure your future EM colleagues will appreciate your background, and your personality.  And please keep blogging!