Happy Birthday to … me!

Today is the Fourth anniversary of GruntDoc!
Starting May 2, 2002 and continuing, irregularly, to this point has been a lot of entertainment for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, here’s some looks at the design through the last four years (anyone know why it’s not archiving this year?)

May, 2002. Blogger, the original post-eating machine. And, I thank Blogger for getting me started.

October, 2002. I discovered the italics HTML, and moved to the country, necessitating the Direcway satellite connection.

February, 2003. Jumpline hosts my first MovableType blog. Much more readable, gotta love the black text on a white background for readability.

November, 2003. The dread Red Cross appears, (I’m not the Red Cross, in case you were wondering). Oh, and I’m no longer having delusions, I’m just reporting the Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Emergency Physician in Texas.

Several blog moves ensue, and neither I nor the Wayback Machine have copies of the front pages, but essentially they look like the above logo.

And, for my first seasonal, Christmas 2005:

Merry Christmas!

Lastly, for the archives, here’s the one on Year Four:

Thanks for the visits, and most for the comments. Here’s to another year.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! That’s great longevity!

  2. Happy Blogbirthday!!!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Fred says:

    The Pholks are VERY proud of Dr. Phred!

  4. Happy Blogging Birthday! Please keep the posts coming! :o)

  5. Steve Lucas says:


  6. Well done, Gruntdoc! You inspire us newbies to hang in there.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Congratulations! As to why recent archives don’t appear in the Internet Archive, see http://www.archive.org/about/faqs.php#103 .

  8. Beary Potter says:

    Happy Blogday!

  9. Belated happy 4th birthday! Hope it was a blast. Keep on writing!!