How much of a traffic bump did I get from the Newspaper article?

So, my blog and my mug have been in print, again, this time in the Dallas Morning News this past Sunday.  Those with blogs are probably wondering, ?how much did it affect his blog traffic?

Answer: absolutely none.  Just like the other times.

Dead-tree publications appeal to a different audience than do online materials is the way I explain it.  Apparently nobody reading the Sunday paper leaves their couch and says "I’ll go type this URL in and have a look at that".  Not helping is the DMNews online version that didn’t have hyperlinks for the URL’s (and, inexplicably, in an article about blogs left out some URL’s altogether) making it harder for people to follow the links in the story.  Dead trees online.

The counter-explanation is that nobody’s interested, but that can’t be.  Heh. 


  1. I am curious how would this effect break out by the publication type and timing… But there is not enough data.

  2. We were recently covered in Monday’s edition of 11 newspapers in Northern CA (The Oakland Tribune, San Mateo County Times, etc.) No bump in traffic. So don’t feel bad.

  3. I don’t feel bad, now. I did the first couple of times.

    Interesting the different orbits we inhabit.

  4. so true (about the dead tree stuff, not that our blog’s aren’t pure manna from heaven. the only article that did send me a bunch of readers one day was the LA times one. I guess they maintain not only a significant readership, but an online one as well.

  5. I am in Dallas , but I have been reading you far longer then the DMNs…hmm maybe I can become a journelist there???

  6. Hm. The few times bits of my blog have gotten published in rags, or the blog’s gotten mentioned, I’ve gotten a bump. The first time it was an actual spike.

    I wonder if it has more to do with the rags that HN’s gotten a mention in, or with the perception that there aren’t that many nurses out there blogging.