Medlogs: anyone else not getting feeds in?

Medlogs, also known as Medical News Feeds used to be one of my biggest referrers, and has the potential to be one-stop medblog shopping.


I’ll give it’s not easy to follow my (several) blog-software changes over the years, and that does change my RSS feed address (because I’m not too smart, that’s why). I’ve emailed Dr. Reider (who runs Medlogs) several times, and so far there’s no inclusion of my feeds. (I’m linked in the sidebar, twice, which is nice but not getting the feeds in).

Is anyone else having problems getting their feeds included, and does anyone have a better / more effective way of contacting them?

Update: from the first comments, I’m not alone.


  1. I’ve tried too, but so far unsuccessful. Not sure what the deal is.

    Dr. ibear

  2. Same here, I’ve tried to fix my feed and then tried to contact them with no changes or answers. Should we call 911?

  3. madhousemadman says:

    I’ve long given up. he never answers and it just doesn’t work. i have no idea what the problem is

  4. I recently remembered writing this entry that has a lot to do with your problem

    I hope you get to check this out because I thought it was hilarious

  5. I just went over and “sign up” my feeds, but I notice in the nurses section. We’ll see what happens.


  1. symtym says:

    Does Medlogs Need 911?

    Ditto here GruntDoc

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