New MedBlog alert: Tundra Medicine Dreams

Tundra Medicine Dreams

Call me The Tundra PA. I have been a family practice physician assistant for 14 years. After seven years practicing rural and suburban medicine in the Pacific Northwest, I came to southwest Alaska and immediately fell in love with the place and the people. This is the southwestern Alaskan bush, land of Eskimos, caribou, salmon, and wide-open tundra. Medicine—and just about everything else—is different here. It is The Last Frontier.

For most of my life, I have also been a writer; but I never managed to “realize my potential” in that direction. I suspect a serious lack of “bum glue” as the root cause, but closely connected is the sense that I’ve never found the story I wanted to tell. Until now. This place, these people, and my life among them is the story I will tell in this blog.

I got that out of one of his earlier posts, and there’s another true writer in the medblogosphere! Have a look when you have time.


  1. Thanks, GruntDoc! What a lovely introduction. *nods with a smile at all of GruntDoc’s loyal readers* I hope all of you with an interest in Things Alaskan will stop by for a visit! Small note, GD: my circle has a cross (O+), not an arrow (O->) *grin*