Physicians and Rejection

from: Notes on a Physician’s Life

When it comes to unanticipated rejection, where our application has been with expectation, the wind goes completely out of our sails and we struggle to persist.

Accustomed to sequential success, physicians are not optimally equipped for the rejections, false starts or dead ends that are part and parcel of life for most of humanity. Practicing medicine today has its woes but we are to an overwhelming degree in demand, valued, respected and well compensated especially in comparison with individuals in most other occupational fields.

It’s been a while since Dr. Drury was seen here (then as a sponsor), but this is good insight. 


  1. I hope I’m not fated for this…

    I’m looking forward to starting my emergency medicine residency. I know it’s going to be an exciting time, and that I’ll have some amazing experiences. Nevertheless, I can’t help but worry a little bit about the risks that a career…