Sam’s MS 150: Best of Luck, riders!

 I was planning to ride today and tomorrow in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 mile ride here in DFW, sponsored this year by Sam’s Club.  I have a very nice bike, though I’ve been working so much I haven’t gotten a lot of riding in for preparation.  I’m mostly sure I could finish day 1, though day 2 would be a challenge, to say the least.

No matter.  This weekend we’re so shorthanded I have been scheduled on.  I’m not terribly happy about it, but if there’s nobody else, well, then it’s on me.  So, I’ll be there in spirit, if not in person.  I have a nice riding outfit for the team, and I suppose I’ll just wear it while riding for fun (I see a lot of old team jerseys when I ride, so now I’ll join that club, though on a pass).

It may rain, and that’ll be better than the blazing sun I would have predicted.

Good luck, riders, and if you not riding have an extra buck, the MS Society is taking donations.


  1. shauna says:

    Hey GD!
    If you feel like coming to Nova Scotia our MS bike tour is in August! I can put you on the Cycle-Delics team I’m involved with.

  2. Thanks for the invitation, but my August already looks pretty full.

  3. I don’t want to rub it in, but the ride was fantastic. Great weather both days; we caught a bid of a head wind today, but otherwise it was neutral or a tailwind. Had the biggest hills toward the end, so it was a great test of resolve. Yet after meeting with three separate people with MS in several stages of the disease, the difficulties of the ride seemed rather trivial. The support from all of the volunteers and people who just came out to stand, clap, and cheer us on was tremendous also. I couldn’t ask for a better ride or a better cause and look forward to riding again next year.

  4. I envy you, more than a little. I’m glad you had a good ride, and I’m very very impressed you finished, not being a regular rider.

    Thanks for the report!