Archives for June 13, 2006

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:38

It’s that time: The Haversian Canal: Grand Rounds Vol 2 No 38

Of 42 entries from 39 authors, 25 met the criteria I put forward in my call for submissions. Of my original categories, two gathered no enteries that meaningfully fit the categories: Case studies and ethics. My explicit goal was the 30 best articles from 30 authors. My aim was to motivate the authors, as a whole, to stretch a little further. Was it successful?

Another good group of links. Should keep you occupied for the whole morning.

AMA recruiting gimmick

Today in the mail came a big envelope, and a full-page flyer trumpeting "AMA membership for 1/2 price".  It’s a nice ad, with a cute kid and a caring doc.

The devil is in the details: Yes, it’s half-price membership, because it’s for a half-year of membership.

AMA is half-off their rocker

AMA: Not a member since 1998. Not likely to be, at this rate.