Archives for June 22, 2006

You work 13 days, and what do you get?

13 days older, and a little less in debt. (Many, many apologies to the Tennessee Ernie Ford estate).

One thing 13 shifts in a row will do is re-focus the mind, and get all that vacation happiness out of your system. I won’t say I’m February-level bitter, but the edge is back, at least in my mind. Weirdness I thought was quaint last week is now really very irritating.

And now I want to talk about the Theory Of Relativity as it applies to the Medical History:
When a question regarding timing is asked, such as “How long have you had this?” the answer shouldn’t be “I’ve had it since my Uncle got his driver’s license”. We’re all happy for your uncle, but that’s relative timing, and since none of us know your uncle or when he got the license, it’s not only not a helpful answer, it’s actually distracting (who is this person’s uncle; why didn’t he have a license before; is he driving the car parked sideways in the lot?).

The preferred method to answer would be more concrete, like “six days” or “45 minutes”. Please a little less relativity, a little more firm, concrete answers.

For those requiring more direction, I refer you to my original rant on this topic. Now, I’m going to go enjoy my day off.