Archives for June 24, 2006


Wow, the Public Service Announcements in the UK are a lot more graphic (and effective) than the ones I’m used to here.

Both are hosted on YouTube:

UK Seatbelt

UK Paramedic

Terrific. I’d love to see the US TV stations pick these up and run them, as is.

Many thanks to Mike at FFM, who found thes at EMTCity.

Dr. Charles (and I) support Special Healthcare Courts

From over in free-pen land: The Examining Room of Dr. Charles

Our lawsuit culture is disgusting. Anyone who stands up to do anything of consequence in our society is at risk of being sued for it. Teachers, policemen, doctors, coaches, ministers – we’re generally trying to make the world a better place, but we’re all living in fear, waiting for the next “privileged and confidential” letter from an attorney stating that we’re about to be raped by an unfair legal system. I live it everyday….

Please read the rest, and consider requesting some help from your elected reps.