Archives for June 29, 2006

Shrinkette Signs Off

Not another one!


I think it’s time
…to say goodbye.

Like Medpundit, I find that I don’t have enough time to devote to this blog.

It’s been a lot of fun.

Great, now I need therapy.

Fun with DSL

I can finally get DSL at my residence (see prior), so for a few more weeks I have two connections.

I have a really nice (and super-zowie expensive) wireless connection, and now a budget DSL. It’s interesting comparing the two, swapping the connections back and forth, etc. The speed differences aren’t really all that great, and for 24 times less money I’m going to be keeping the DSL.

I’m still having email sending difficulties with the DSL service, though I’m pretty sure it’s a flaw on my end, as I’ve read their info and tried everything they offered, so far without success. Mostly this is my fault for not wanting to use a new email address, or more specifically I want to not use the sbc account to send mail, as eventually people will want to reply to that address, and I already have plenty of addresses to collect spam, thanks.

Today’s Adventure in DSL was decidedly odd: none of the * blogs would load. Any other domain I tried loaded quickly and cleanly, but the blogspots just hung. My DSL connection is a router / wireless gadget, power cycling it didn’t help, nor did rebooting the boxes (one PC, one mac). Nor did cache clearing, etc.

I managed to get the blogspots to load by pushing the ‘master reset’ button on the router, which tells me everything I need to know about its stability. Soon I’ll be turning it into a dumb modem and using the geeked-up router I have now.

The World of Tech continues to deliver amusement here.

Update: email problems solved by the Miracle of Port 465.

Say Again? Episode 2

When interviewing a female about her medical history, specifically as it regarded her reproductive history:

Have you had any pregnancies?

Yes, I have had two pregnancies and have one child.

Oh, what happened with the other pregnancy?

It was a two hole pregnancy, so I had to have a surgery.

Ah. I’m taking from these interactions that 1) docs aren’t very good at explaining things and 2) people need to understand what’s going on, so they use words that make sense to them. Seems reasonable to me, though occasionally amusing.