AMA recruiting gimmick

Today in the mail came a big envelope, and a full-page flyer trumpeting "AMA membership for 1/2 price".  It’s a nice ad, with a cute kid and a caring doc.

The devil is in the details: Yes, it’s half-price membership, because it’s for a half-year of membership.

AMA is half-off their rocker

AMA: Not a member since 1998. Not likely to be, at this rate.


  1. I bet the postman was just 6 months late.

  2. I got that same flyer in the mail yesterday too, in a fancy/schmancy Priority Mail envelope. I remember thinking, “I ignored this whenit came in the regular mail, why would I pay any more attention now?”

    It’s a good thing I’m not an AMA member or I’d be annoyed over how much they’re spending on mailings like this.

  3. I agree that is a pretty sad, gimmicky thing for them to do. My wife got the same thing from them and, like you, she’s not a member.

    I have a question though. More than 70% of the searches we fill result from direct mail to physician candidates. (by the way, I run a physician search firm). We get a lot of candidates that are irritated by the fact that we don’t list the location (my wife included), but other than that, what information do you guys want in letters/flyers directed at you regarding any opportunity?

  4. What struck me is the price…$210. Even for half a year and even with the exchange rate thats a bargain. The Australian Medical association (the AMA over here) charges $1,000 / year membership!!
    Lyndal (Nowra NSW Australia)

  5. Got my “great deal” in the mail today — just mailed it to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ATTN: Headlines.”


  1. symtym says:

    Half Baked

    hat tip GruntDoc, and from their website the following good copy: Special offer for new AMA members | AMA | 6.14.06 Join today for 50% off your 2006 membership dues* This special offer is available to 2006 non-members who were also not a member in …