Too relaxed to rant

This is an odd turn of events: I’m still too relaxed to rant, to get the bile flowing, etc. 

Blame it on the vacation, but I cannot get worked up about anything (and there’ve been some things happen that would normally make me nuts: at the part-time gig I had a shift wherein the hospital didn’t have five (5) medications I requested on one shift.  ! )

This too shall pass, but it’s nice while it lasts. 

I’ve been busy preparing for another lecture, about neck trauma this time, that I’m giving Tuesday (I think, I need to call somebody…).  It’s a topic that nearly any one facet could make an hour lecture, and I’m giving an overview in 45 minutes.  Only about 65 slides, though, and for once I’m finished more than 24 hours ahead of the deadline.


The old me will be back, too soon.