Wow, the Public Service Announcements in the UK are a lot more graphic (and effective) than the ones I’m used to here.

Both are hosted on YouTube:

UK Seatbelt

UK Paramedic

Terrific. I’d love to see the US TV stations pick these up and run them, as is.

Many thanks to Mike at FFM, who found thes at EMTCity.


  1. Christopher Henry says:

    UK adverts are better all around, for just about anything.

  2. I can see why they’re effective.

    I turn on my TV once a week to watch the 4400, although that’s once a week more than I had been until the show came back on. If those ads were playing here, I wouldn’t ever turn my TV on.

    That’s a little more reality than I’m ready for on a running basis.

  3. Goatwhacker says:

    Wow they’re very powerful ads, I’m surprised there aren’t more comments. I don’t think that level of realism would go over very well in the US, which in this case is too bad. I think many people have only a vague idea of what can happen in an accident, a dose of reality may be what they need.

  4. mike halberg says:

    Hey, if Who’s Line is it Anyway can make the jump, perhaps effective adds are close behind. It is interesting to me that people think these adds are too graphic for the US audience when violence like this is on television nightly. Perhaps we aren’t ready for it because the message is actually useful.