Archives for July 4, 2006

What did I do yesterday?

I’m glad you asked. I trephinated my own thumbnail.

Which would have been terrific, if that was what I was trying to do. What I was trying to do was drive a screw with a drill.

I did little hops, and used a couple of my sailor words.

I’ll be fine, and no permanent damage was done, but right now my thumb throbs, just a little, to remind me I’m fully mortal.

And a little stupid.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:41

It’s an Independence-day Grand Rounds at Rangel, MD:

Welcome to my second go ’round as host for Grand Rounds of the Medical Blogosphere! I know it’s not really proper to discuss a person’s problems on their birthday but in this forum I thought that we should take the opportunity to focus on the problems with the US health care system and ponder any solutions.

First off, my editor’s choice goes to Dr. Henochowicz who appears to have the perfect top 5 list of things that need to be addressed. 1). Enact compulsory health insurance. 2). Promote primary care. 3). Fund the National Health Information Network. 4). Encourage consumerism. 5). Encourage physician involvement and leadership in health care policy. ABSOLUTELY! Every physician should have this “to do” list in his/her pocket.

Fixing the medical liability system

Yet another excellent Grand Rounds.

Oh, and I’d like to second the above 5 recommendations!