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Medpundit returns

Ha! I knew she’d be back!

Medpundit: “Just When I Thought I was Out, They Pull Me Back In: Well, it’s official. I’m a blogging addict. I can’t give this up. Not quite two months away from it, and I’m forsaking my family to rejoin the blogging life.”

Oh, and welcome back.

Now, for Shrinkette….

911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77

I have no use for 9-11 conspiracy theorists. Period. It takes a particularly diseased mind to blame multi-level government conspiracy for deeds claimed by our enemies as their own action on the US.

However, I found this to be terrifically interesting: an astonishingly well-done video of the crash into the Pentagon of AA Flt. 77.

(My first YouTube embedded movie!)

This will not influence those who want to Blame America First, but is an excellent coverage of the crash, and an explanation of some minor details.

via LGF