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Dr. Anna Pou Is Not a Murderer

Waking Up Costs vouches for the NOLA indicted doctor: Dr. Anna Pou Is Not a Murderer:

I just learned that a former colleague and friend has been charged with second degree murder in the death of four patients at a New Orleans hospital after Katrina. I worked with Dr. Anna Pou in the operating room when we were both in Galveston, Texas for three years in the late nineties.

There’s more, and it’s worth reading.

Update: Link fixed thanks to reader Walt.


Dr. Sid Schwab has a very entertaining book, and now has a blog. From his sidebar:

I’m a pretty-much retired general surgeon. After a long and busy time in practice, I’ve taken a deep breath. And I’ll blog.

In this blog, I plan to post about issues surgical, hoping to add a bit to the readers’ knowledge base in that area. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I pop off on politics once in a while, as things seem to be going to hell wherever one looks.

I don’t usually add to the blogroll until there’s a track record for a new blog. Also, at least one book author started a blog and then just petered out, so it’s not a given that book authorship equates to blogging success. But, I’m reading his book and I think he’ll be a natural in the medblogging world.

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A group blog headed by Dr. Bill Frist (Senate Majority Leader, R, TN): is a blog about health care and the politics of health care. In the coming days and weeks we will discuss stem cells, avian flu, electronic medical records, Health Savings Accounts, and much more. We will take a long term look at some of the health care challenges facing the country and start an online discussion encouraging different points of view. I will blog regularly as will 10-12 regular bloggers from a variety of health care-related fields. We will also encourage high profile, guest bloggers to join the discussion.

Obviously, health care is an important issue for me, and it is issue that I feel needs a meaningful and comprehensive debate. It is also an issue where the Republican view of health care often differs greatly from the Democrats. This blog will also highlight and discuss these differences.

This will be worth watching.

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