Cutting Remarks: An unsolicited review

Dr Sidney Schwab has written a book, and I bought one.

It’s aimed at a general audience, and while not a ‘natural’ writer his prose is very accessible and he takes great pains to make the medical jargon easily understandable.

His topic is that physical, emotional and intellectual challenge that is residency, specifically a surgical residency in a city by a bay in the 70’s. Intense situations make for indelible memories, and that’s what this was for him (and anyone who’s done a residency worth a damn) and he’s given us an inside look. A non-too-sparing look, as well, with instructors he felt were sub-par identified as such. There’s some tense memories, and it’s obvious he reigned some of it in while telling the story.

And, he made me laugh out loud. Really, I was laughing aloud after reading a particular passage (about a retractor), and that’s a rarity for me.

Recommended. Here’s where to get yours.