Jarhead Red

Some former Marines have gone all vino on us, and are now producing their own wine:

Introducing Jarhead Red

Jarhead Red is a wine made by Marines, for Marines, at Firestone Vineyard on California’s Central Coast. Net proceeds from the sale of this wine benefit the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which provides educational assistance to children of U.S. Marines, with special attention given to children of fallen Marines. Please consider directly supporting the foundation at www.Marine-Scholars.org.
Adam Firestone – CAPT USMC 1984-91

Ruben Dominguez – SGT USMC 1979–84
Vineyard Foreman

I haven’t had any, and am looking more for grunt-beer anyway. OTOH, the charity is worthwhile, so I may get some for that special occasion.

There’s a review at DefenseTech.

h/t to reader Shauna


  1. anonymous says:

    Maybe you’ll get your wish for a beer. Firestone owns a microbrewery and they put out several award winning beers. I used to buy their Double Barrel Ale when I lived in California. I doubt if their beer is available outside of California.

  2. That’s good news!

  3. As a Marine Mom, and a non-wine drinker, I can vouch for this brew. It’s actually quite nice. The cause for which the money donates, makes it all the better, imho! :-) Give it a whirl!

  4. Hey! I’m married to a former Marine (although I say once a Marine always a Marine) who served from `1973 – 1977. I gotta send him this post.