MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:43

Welcome to Grand Rounds ChronicBabe style, where it’s all about the ladies. We got a ton of excellent posts, so take some time to really work your way down the list. You won’t be disappointed!

Well, count me disappointed. I’m not a fan of the “write about what I want to talk about, or you’re excluded” Grand Rounds. Prior to this the topic when a host wanted to feature a topic it was prominently featured, but that didn’t exclude all other posts.

Yes, the host gets to pick the format. Inclusion will, IMHO, always be better than exclusion. Enough of the “Themes or Else”.


  1. cardioNP says:

    I agree. Grand rounds is also now including many more non-healthcare profession bloggers and more patients/consumers of healthcare (as is the host this week). I don’t find GR to be as educational as it was last year. When hosted by non-professionals, the content does seem to suffer. In fact, I tend to give a cursory perusal and click only on blogs that I know have professional content. Wonder if Nick wants this kind of feedback?

  2. Nick and I have emailed, and he disagrees with me.

    Flea agrees with us. Time will tell.

  3. I’m always interested in feedback! You can always email me.

    Now, back to lurking.

  4. Cardio NP are you saying that Grand Rounds should’t use any posts that are submitted by patients? I thought that was why grand rounds was supposed to be wriiten in a format that would make it easy for patients to read and understand? The patient stories I have read at GR have been very well written and very informative. We all learn from other’s experience. If it were intended only for medical professionals, I assume it could have been created using a control that only professionals could access.

    I do agree that patients (I’am one) probably shouldn’t host Grand Rounds. It keeps it more professional when it is hosted by a medical professional. I worry that when patients begin to host it, it will eventually take off in a non-medical arena. But, that is just IMO.