Dr. Sid Schwab has a very entertaining book, and now has a blog. From his sidebar:

I’m a pretty-much retired general surgeon. After a long and busy time in practice, I’ve taken a deep breath. And I’ll blog.

In this blog, I plan to post about issues surgical, hoping to add a bit to the readers’ knowledge base in that area. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I pop off on politics once in a while, as things seem to be going to hell wherever one looks.

I don’t usually add to the blogroll until there’s a track record for a new blog. Also, at least one book author started a blog and then just petered out, so it’s not a given that book authorship equates to blogging success. But, I’m reading his book and I think he’ll be a natural in the medblogging world.

via KevinMD


  1. Thanks! You and several others have shown how useful and entertaining and informative medical blogs can be. I’ll admit I got into checking them out as a guerrilla marketing ploy. But I’ve gotten really to like it for its own sake, and plan to blog away as long as I have something to say. I appreciate your words very much.

  2. Read his book and love his blog! : )