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MedBlogger Survey

In the mailbag:

Envision Solutions, LLC and The Medical Blog Network Kick Off Comprehensive Study of Global Healthcare Blogging Community

The Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Blogosphere survey will track the demographics and opinions of healthcare bloggers from around the world.
New York, NY — July 31, 2006


– Envision Solutions, LLC and The Medical Blog Network [TMBN] have launched the Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Blogosphere survey. The study is the first systematic attempt to gather comprehensive opinion and demographic data from the global community of healthcare bloggers. Envision Solutions and TMBN expect to re-field the survey in the future.

– The healthcare blogosphere is rapidly growing in size and importance. However, little is known about the activity and opinions of large numbers of healthcare bloggers.

– The 2006 edition of the survey will run from July 31 to September 29. It is open to individuals and organizations that devote at least 30% of their blogging time to healthcare-related topics. To learn more about the survey, please go to:

– Envision Solutions and TMBN will release the preliminary results of the survey in the late fall. The final results will be presented at Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 taking place in Washington, D.C. on December 11.

– Envision Solutions and TMBN will collect and analyze data provided by a global sample of healthcare bloggers willing to take the survey. While the data is expected to provide new insights into the attitudes and behaviors of this community, we acknowledge that we may be surveying the most active bloggers and caution against applying the data to the overall healthcare blogopshere.

– Envision Solutions is a healthcare marketing communications consultancy. The Medical Blog Network is the worlds largest community of healthcare bloggers. TMBN connects bloggers, their audiences and the healthcare industry via a number of hosting and promotional services.

I took the survey, it’s not painful, and as warned it did take about 10 minutes.

MedBlogs Grand Rounds 2:46

Mexico Medical Student ? Grand Rounds Vol 2, No. 46

Welcome to Grand Rounds Vol. 2 No. 46! For the first time, Grand Rounds comes to you from Mexico…

A South of the Border collection of the best of the medblogosphere.

Some Nurse Love

The word nurse appears in at least 120 different posts on this blog (I just counted). In exactly one of those posts I took nurses (in general, as a group, which was overstating things a bit) to task for some odd behavior I’d observed.

Guess which post I’ve been hearing about, at length, from my nursing colleagues? This one, for those who haven’t already guessed. It’s peeved several of them, which I would find amusing except they’re angry way out of proportion to the offence. Humor is individual, and there’s some individuals I work with who didn’t find it humorous.

So, for the thin-skinned and those with short memories, here’s a couple of blog posts wherein I’ve demonstrated some of my feelings for my nurse colleagues:
A break, too late
My Side

I appreciate everything the nurses do for me, and they do a lot. In no particular order, nurses do/have:

  • caught allergies I missed
  • gotten that bit of history that makes things make sense
  • alerted me to a subtle finding that changes the disposition
  • talked to the family and kept them informed so they’re happy
  • ordered that lab I’d left off by accident
  • not yelled at me for the third set of added-on orders
  • reviewed my orders and found that omission that would cause a problem later
  • carried out orders they didn’t want to, because the patient needed it
  • taught me something about a medication
  • got that IV in the septic drug abuser with no veins

…and on and on.

I respect all of you.

And it’ll be a while before I write about nurses again.