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Once Again Technology Fails

via Emergency Medicine Doc (catchy title) Once Again Technology Fails

The other day I saw a patient with abdominal pain.’ The patient had the pain for some time.’ They had a CT scan of the abdomen at an outpatient radiology facility the day before.’ I asked if she knew the result, and she said, ‘No, but can’t you just pull it up off of your computer?’ The answer of course was ‘No.’’

I see this all the time, as well. One of the consequences of this inability to share information is extra testing, repeating CT’s, etc.

It’s easy to blame HIPAA for this, and I will, but it’s also a true failure of imagination and effort.

Change of Shift is up…

Its a nursing thing

Welcome to Change of Shift. As usual the posts are wonderful and the submissions will not disappoint. I enjoyed the recent Grand Rounds’ format of a stroll through a Garden, so I am adopting the style. However, I thought it appropriate to walk readers through a college campus, after all, I am a nursing student!

Nursing Grand Rounds, the next chapter.