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Has diagnostic imaging use in the ED increased since 1995?

Yes, decidedly:

via JAMA:

The interesting parts of the explanation:

…In 2004, more ED visits included imaging procedures than in 1995 (43% versus 38% of visits, respectively). During 1995-2004, the number of MRI or CAT scans nearly quadrupled, and the number of ultrasounds more than doubled. The overall number of ED visits increased by 14%.

I see this as more access to technology more than anything else. The rule today: if there’s a test for it, just get the test.

Acronym of the Shift

Tonight, I was reviewing the records sent with a patient from their nursing home. Typed records, of the official sort.

Under allergies: “NKFDA”

Now, I know what NKDA means: No Known Drug Allergies.

I had a guess what the extra F stood for, but was too polite to say it out loud.

It made me chuckle a bit, though.