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Dr. Pou isn’t innocent, says this emailer

In the email last night (I wrote this person back, and got permission to post this):

I am a home health worker in Washington State.

We fight every day for the well being of our clients.

We deal with docs all the time that think it’s the “time” for the patient, or that they just have “the dwindles”.

With care and intervention they’ve done very well.

Healthcare providers need to be honest.

Real grunt docs fight for the vulnerable not kill them.

You are not God. You are not invincible. If you can’t take the heat get out of the way of those of us who can.

These people had a right to life, not execution.

When more of the truth comes out, we won’t be suprised at the “uppitty” attitude these killers will spout.

Dr. Pou was weak, should not of been in charge.


Where to begin.  I’ll start with a presumption of innocence, and that the facts presented in the indictment aren’t terribly damning.

I’m glad I wasn’t in Dr. Pou’s shoes, and doubt there’s any actual wrongdoing there in NOLA.  This email, however, shows some disagreement.

Perhaps you would like to retort?

Concentrated Navelgazing

This is a totally geeky post for those with weblogs and the desire to have a good desktop WYSIWIG editor.  Feel free to skip it.


Microsoft (obscure shop in the Northwest) has released their Windows Live Writer (Beta), and it’s good.  Really good.  It’s for posting to several of the most popular types of blog tools, and it found my MT blog perfectly.

Movable Type is a good blog tool, and I keep coming back to it, but the blog entry editor built in (and the WYSIWIG plugin) lack some usability.  We work around, but keep looking for alternatives.  This Windows Live Writer is a terrific answer (so far).  Yes, it pushes the Windows Live product(s), and I don’t use any of them, so feel free to ignore them if you don’t need them.  Computerworld has a better review than I could do, so read it when you’re ready.  One thing they didn’t mention is that your post preview is perfect, showing just like it would as a new post in your blog.  Really neat.  And the built-in spellcheck isn’t shabby,

Perfect?  No.  Pretty darn good?  Yes.  I’ll be using it.


Oh, there’s no mac version.  But you have MarsEdit for the mac, so don’t worry about it.

Medblogs Grand Rounds 2:47

This week at Hospital Impact:

…  So for this edition of grand rounds, I wanted to write a letter to my new son, Timothy. One day, when he is old enough, I hope he’ll read this and learn about how healthcare used to be way back in 2006….

Another in a terrific series.  Enjoy.