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London Airport Security, August 2006

Just got off the phone with a brother in law who flew home last week from London, about 2 days after the latest terrorist threat.

The scene as he describes it:

We weren’t allowed to take anything on the plane with us.  We were given clear plastic bags, and were told we could take our ID’s, our plane tickets, one car key only.  I had a small pack of gum, individually wrapped, and a travel-sized Kleenex.    They made me toss the gum, and had me remove every single sheet of the kleenex, throw out the wrapper, then I could take them. 

A lot of passengers were really stressed after getting through security, and the duty-free shops were hit hard for their liquor.  Which seemed like a good idea, until the second security checkpoint before boarding.  No booze.  The passenger ahead of us made an issue of it, and was told “You don’t have to get on this plane”, so his newly purchased alcohol went into the trash.

I’m not flying for a while, and I’m not afraid of flying.