Archives for August 26, 2006

I wondered why I was alone on my ride today

Today on my ride I was the only cyclist.  That’s a first, no matter wind/ heat /water, and after a while I was wondering if I’d missed an announcement.

I remembered while saying to myself “It’s hotter than hell out here”, and the light came on.


They were here.  Hope they had fun!

Radiology Grand Rounds III

is up at Dr. Sethi’s place.

Mail theft PSA

From F&TIEO.  He writes amusingly about an infuriating experience.

How to answer a Peer Review Complaint

My Photo Wow.  This is a Tour de Force.  Not just in complaint-answering, but also an explanation of ‘why the dumb ER doc can’t admit Grandma’.

From Scalpel, who’s very good at this new blogging thing.