Acronym of the Shift

Tonight, I was reviewing the records sent with a patient from their nursing home. Typed records, of the official sort.

Under allergies: “NKFDA”

Now, I know what NKDA means: No Known Drug Allergies.

I had a guess what the extra F stood for, but was too polite to say it out loud.

It made me chuckle a bit, though.


  1. no known food / drug allergies?

  2. I was thinking “food”, apparently Im not as jaded yet…lol

  3. Hrm, my first thought was not ‘food’ either. Not sure what that says about me.

  4. Bad Shift says:

    An orthopedist colleague explained his acronym for a comminuted distal radius fracture: BBMFB

    Which means, “Bone broke, me fix bone.”

  5. Actually, we use NKDA/NKFA all the time… And, yes, we mean the “F” to be food.. (although I chuckled when I first read this post, too)