I wondered why I was alone on my ride today

Today on my ride I was the only cyclist.  That’s a first, no matter wind/ heat /water, and after a while I was wondering if I’d missed an announcement.

I remembered while saying to myself “It’s hotter than hell out here”, and the light came on.


They were here.  Hope they had fun!


  1. You and I had opposite rides…Mine was cool, raining and overcast…a nice fortelling of fall up here in the mountains.

  2. Worst case: hot day, slight tailwind just matching your speed so there’s no breeze at all. This past week I was biking along the Oregon coast. Scenic and generally cool. I have a carbon road-bike; a better bike than I’ll ever be a biker, but I love it.

  3. Urban cycling.. dangerous in some parts of Texas.


  4. I’m fortunate that I live very near a couple of bike / park trails. Those with auto access have posted limits in the 20’s, and mostly they abide by it (unless they’re passing me on a blind corner).

    Oh, and I dress like a neon light, and have a blinker aft. Frankly, a visual nightmare, but unlikely to be missed.