BBC: WHO backs DDT for Malaria Control

BBC: WHO backs DDT for malaria control

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reversed a 30-year policy by endorsing the use of DDT for malaria control.

The chemical is sprayed inside houses to kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

DDT has been banned globally for every use except fighting disease because of its environmental impacts and fears for human health.

WHO says there is no health risk, and DDT should rank with bednets and drugs as a tool for combating malaria, which kills more than one million each year.

This is a no-brainer, and it’s horrible it took this long to release DDT for more malaria control.  If a million Americans were dying of malaria a year, this would have been done two decades ago.


  1. John J. Coupal says:

    The World Health Organization is a part of …you guessed it…The United Nations! That decision about DDT is only about lots of decades too late for many millions of people dead from malaria.

    Maybe the UN is not as totally inept and incompetent as you always thought it was!

  2. Dunno if I’d go that far.