Doing my Civic Duty

Guess who got called for Jury Duty?  Yes, I am thrilled to have been so honored.

I’m going, and I’m not going to ask for a release just because it could cost me money (it will).  I served on a jury when an undergrad, and it was quite an experience.  I’ve cleared most of the week on the off chance I get chosen, so I’m not cynical about my civic duty, but I’m not hoping to be chosen, either.

Frankly I figure no two sides of attorneys want me on a jury at the same time.  We’ll see.

I was thinking about jury movies, and the one that best fits me is this one.  Except, I’m not Henry Fonda, in body or spirit.

Update: It took all day. Not selected. I’m glad, as it was a case of alleged child molestation.


  1. Best way to never be on a jury? Have, at some point in your life, worked in Law Enforcement in some capacity.

    Instant pre-emptory challenge.

  2. Jared Solomon says:

    GD, you should talk to my wife. She always tells me I should do things to try to get out of jury duty. I think it’s appropriate to NOT try to get out of it.

    -SSG J

  3. Being a 27 y/o F, I always get picked since the demographic for my age group is to be soft hearted and forgiving.
    The last time I was called, the case was cancelled so only one day wasted. The previous time was an interesting federal case. I was thrilled to be part of our legal system for a week despite the loss of money.

    Good luck-not getting picked or getting an interesting case.

  4. I got called for duty a couple of times at the height of my practice and managed to get out of it: it would have required cancelling lots of operations. Now, when I have the time, I’d love to get called again. I think it would be fascinating, except for the fact that the actual courtroom processes are so painfully slow.

  5. LibraryGryffon says:

    I did jury duty four years ago. Inspite of working at one of the local hospitals as a medical librarian they put me on the jury for a malpractice case. A very interesting, but pointless five days of my life, since less than half way through the first expert for the plaintiff, it was obvious to over half the jury that it was a defendant’s verdict.

    For malpractice plaintiffs’ attorneys, a note: Make sure that your expert witnesses agree on what the malpractice is. If they don’t, the jury tends to view your case rather badly.

  6. Jury duty for a week? I have jury and my term ends in October. We get to call in every week for SIX MONTHS. Talk about costing you some money. A lot of the cases can last 2-3 weeks. I have been lucky so far in that I have been annoying enough in my answers not to get picked. However, you still have to go down once a week for jury selection. I hope I never get called again. I am all for performing my civic duty, but 6 months is extreme and I don’t even want to total the hours I have given up at work.

  7. Jim in Texas says:

    New guy

    “Best way to never be on a jury? Have, at some point in your life, worked in Law Enforcement in some capacity.

    Instant pre-emptory challenge”

    Not so, I was a criminal investigator for 24 years and the first time I was called I was selected to be on the jury. Of course since the defendent represented himself, he might not have been the best person to judge my qualifications (we found him guilty)

    The last time I was call was last month and we all had to fill out a long questionaire before we were called in. I sat thru 6 hours of voi dire during which I wasn’t asked one question by either side. Since I was number three I would have been on the jury if I wasn’t challenged which I assume I was by the defense.

    Still, a long day

  8. I have a penchant for badges, myself…and I work in a small Prison County, having worked at two of the prisons here myself in times past. I’d love to serve on a jury on an interesting case someday, but that fact alone tends to get me disqualified by the defense. Something about the idea that, if it comes down to one person’s word against the other’s without solid evidence to the contrary, I’m taking the word of the Badge. Period. I fully support our Men in Blue.

    But on the other hand, the prosecution wuvs me…