fartED: ImpactED airs his experiences

fartED.: “I don’t know if the hospital cafeteria is to blame, or perhaps its the high stress levels, or a flare up of sun-spot activity, but we have some heinous issues with flatus percolating throughout the ED right now. Just the other morning a senior doctor *trod on a duck* right in the middle of a handover […]”

The first comment tells me they have a fun group working in this Australian ED.  And their euphemisms are pretty good, too.


And from a different post on his site, an excellent graphic:

Heh.  I’m assuming he means patients are in the center, but it could be the docs.  Who knows.


  1. It’s interesting this should come up (so to speak).

    We have “free” lunches in our doctors’ lounge, and I had to give up having the soups, since it seemed that, without exception, lunchtime soups led to office hours flatus, and even the cream of mushroom — explain that for me…