Must-see X-ray; also, a foreign-body tale

Movin’ Meat has the X-ray of the year, to date, and a good story to go with it.


It’s a good lead-in to my tale of a patient with a similar presentation, but not explosive; similar, though.

Patient is brought in by family, unable to get patient to take her meds.  Patient has a long and colorful psychiatric history, and the street drugs don’t help (go figure).  Patient is fully-psychotic and fully-agitated, initially.  Much needed sedation is ordered, and a LifeSaving Foley is started.

The foley nurse reports: “I was getting ready to put the foley in, and noticed this thing that looked like a string down there, and so I pulled it to get it out of the way, and then it happened.”

What happened?

“I got a necklace out.”


“A necklace.  See?.”  A nice, silver-toned necklace is displayed, in a specimen bag.  “So, I wonder…”

?Wonder what?

“Is there something else in there?”

Well, yes; yes there was.  2 more necklaces and three lipsticks, to be exact.  (We debated sending them to pathology, as ‘objects removed’ from the human body, but restrained ourselves).


I’m not proud this patient was referred to (never by me) during the remainder of her stay as “The Jewelry Box”, but I understood.

via the indespensible Kevin, MD


  1. soar_loosers says:

    Yeah, that crack pipe was over the top. Check out another unbelievable xray from Charity Doc in his GHF story. A little bit long and melodramatic, but worth the reading. Go all the way to the end to see all the xrays.

  2. good post.