Rain is one of those all-or-nothing phenomenon here and we’re finally getting a little of it here in North Texas.  After a ridiculous number of dry days, and an even more ridiculous number of consecutive days greater than 100F, we’ve been given a reprieve by the Rain Governor: water is falling from the sky.  Temps are down, sanity has begun to return in the ED (okay, it’s relative there).

Oh, our reservoirs are still fantastically behind, and the ground looks like Apollo 11 moon dust  when trodden upon (just like it does in Fort Stockton; story some day), but at least we’re getting some water.

Weird how the end of a drought can make your week.

(picture from the WeatherBug)


  1. Its sort of the same story out here in Arizona. We are in the midst of “monsoon season” The last two nights have been torrential downpours coupled with 50+ MPH winds. We get 4/5 of our annual rainfall in the months of August and September…

    But, like you said, at least its water!

  2. I found puddle jumping to be facinating. I encourage all drought survivors to take up this fun-filled and inexpensive hobby (wear your cheap shoes). Family friendly as well, so long as you don’t go out onto a busy street.

  3. I think calling it the end of our drought is wishful thinking at best. It’ll take a lot more than what we’re getting to end a two-year, multi-foot water deficit. We actually need something similar to what El Paso has been getting, although we’d like that spread out a bit instead of all at once.

    Still, I’m as thankful as you that North Texas is finally getting some rain and cooler temperatures. We need as much of both as we can get.

  4. I was in a car wreck in Ft. Stockton once and stuck there for ’bout a week. It is a lovely walk through that dust from the Motel 6 to the Wal Mart.

  5. Jim in Texas says:

    I fear my house’s foundation is one of the many that fell victim to this most recent drought. I go walking most mornings in a nearby meadow and some of the crevices that have opened up in the soil recently are over 3 feet deep.

    More rain please!!