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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:2

Welcome to the Grand Rounds. October 3, 2006.

It is my pleasure to host the third edition of Grand Rounds, a weekly best of the medical weblogs. That’s already the 3rd year of the famous Blog carnival

The first one was published exactly on Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nick kindly interviewed me at Medscape pre-rounds. I am really impressed by how he is able to maintain such high quality process of gathering everybody in medical community for several years straight with no interruptions. It’s like a full time job.

Over the years there were different forms of the presentations
There was letters (to son), there were staged performances.
The previous one was the magnificent party.
Many thanks to Nick for giving me the opportunity to host this edition of Grand Rounds. (Look Medscape’s Pre-Rounds)

Well, I will probably just describe the submitted entries and what I liked about them. You will taste yourself and I am sure you will like the entries too. There are many fascinating articles this week.

Several entries are about food, several about politics. Also read about too much drugs and antibiotics.
As Dr. Choi said the week before: join the party and add to the buzz!