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MedBlogs Grand Rounds 3:4

…over at Emergiblog:

Ah, time for that Tuesday morning cup of coffee and the weekly tradition known as “Grand Rounds”!Emergiblog

I’m your host this week!

Let’s get together at the local Starbucks and really indulge ourselves!


First, it’s always nice to be included, thanks!

Second, it’s through this Grand Rounds I found this blog post that will keep my BP high for the rest of the week.  Conscience is often invoked when convenience is at issue.


Lastly, I’m a little concerned about next weeks’ host.  Hopefully both Kim and Nick have the wrong URL, as the referenced blog has been inactive since 2004.  Enquiring minds, and all that.

How do I get the doctor to prescribe a drug that will help me gain weight?

One of our techs approached me with this query, asked of her by one of my patients.

The tech, having worked in the ED for a while, did a little questioning of her own.
“How much do you eat”?
Well,  not much.
“Do you take any drugs”?
only crystal meth.
“I wouldn’t ask him for any prescription for medicine to gain weight.  I wouldn’t bring it up”.

A good tech is worth their, er, you know.  In gold, most nights.