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I’m not dead, just dead-tired.  I get a break soon, and it’ll pick up here then.


Until that time, here’s some things that are completely unconnected.

Read about the trial and conviction of an ED doc in USA today.  Oh, actually, he’s just tried and convicted in the paper.


A story: a bitter divorce is finally concluding, and the soon to be ex-hubby (h) calls the soon to be ex-wife (w) as such:

h: I’d like to come over tonight, and we can divide the wine collection in half.  (Big, expensive collection).

w: Okay, come over after 5.

It’s after 5.

h: okay, let’s divide them

w: I already have – (points to a room)

In the next room are all the wine bottles, uncorked.  Next to each is an unlabled mason jar, with 1/2 of the bottle poured into it.

w: your half is in the jars.



KRLD: Mavs Doctor hopes to raise $1 million to put AED’s in schools

DALLAS (AP) A group headed by the Dallas Mavericks team physician said Wednesday it plans to raise $1 million for at least one automated external defibrillator in every Texas public high school after a recent mandate requiring the device.

The donations would help solve how some cash-strapped school districts will afford the life-saving heart stimulator, also known as AED, which costs about $1,200.

The University Interscholastic League voted last week to require that all 1,300 public high schools have at least one AED on campus but did not address how schools would pay for them.

The Texas Sports Medicine Foundation has already raised about half its goal and will give priority to rural school districts with smaller budgets, said Dr. T.O. Souryal, the group’s founder.

“We’re the safety net,” said Souryal.

Putting AEDs on high school campuses vaulted to the forefront of the UIL’s agenda after a recent rash of students who collapsed with suspected heart trouble, including three teenage football players who died in a 10-day span in Houston.

At least 600 high schools in Texas already have the devices in place, and most large school districts own several for their many campuses.