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Radiology Grand Rounds 5 up

Here: Sumer’s Radiology Site: Radiology Grand Rounds-V.

Parade Magazine and ‘Surviving the ER’

In today’s Parade magazine (bundled with the 3 pounds of newspaper delivered each Sunday) the headline article is:

(as of right now their site is screwed up, so I’m going from memory)

I read it, mostly out of a sense of curiosity, and their highlighted items make sense to me.


  • have a medication list, up to date
  • know your allergies
  • know your doctor’s name
  • have a copy of your EKG (if you’re a heart patient)

And all that makes sense to me.  The other thing they recommend, and which I cautiously endorse, is ‘get staff attention when something changes or it’s been a long time since re-eval’.  Once a year this really pays off for the patient, and it’s appreciated, which is why I cautiously endorse getting attention.  What I would caution, however, is that after you’ve made your concern known, and the complaint has been addressed, most likely nothing is going to change.

It’s a long wait because the resources are limited, no there’s not a bed upstairs yet, and screaming for more attention (as I had to deal with recently) doesn’t make a bed magically appear, it just keeps us from doing anything but listen to your self-important carping.  So, make sure you’re not forgotten but don’t expect that to change anything most of the time.

Nice article about the US Navy Corpsman

I served with a lot, and respected them for the hard work they did.

There’s a nice write-up about Corpsmen at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Knowing too much

Being a physician is a blessing in many ways, and I won’t bore you with the details.  Getting to this point was a lot of work, but it’s been (overall) worth the effort.

And, it’s a mild curse.  A close relative says “I have a headache” and it’s twenty questions with a lot of exam thrown, in, and a modest desire to get a CT.  Yeah, it’s a non-focal exam, and no it’s not a sudden-onset headache, but if anyone presented to my ED with this headache they’d get a CT before they left.

I expect it’s “just a headache”.


But, I’ve seen too much.


And I know too much.